All natural and organic products

Nahaia Makeup and Skin Care at Massage In Wanaka

Nahaia Active Organic Skincare Range

Natural active organic skincare range created by Nahaia herself. A naturopath, using her extensive knowledge of plants and essential oils to create an anti ageing skincare range 100% natural. So pure you could eat it. 


Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up

Beautiful natural mineral make up. Make up the not only enhances your natural beauty but is also good for you skin.


Tui Balms

All our massages use the amazing Tui Balms, which contain all natural ingredients.

  • SPORTS: containing arnica to help with muscle recovery.
  • RELAX: containing essential oils and plants to totally relax the body and the mind.
  • ORANGE SPICE: contains spices such as Cardamom to warm the skin esp. nice for winter
  • Mountain air to. Warming and cooling balms to help muscle recovery.


Coconut Oil

100% natural organic coconut oil. Can be used for massage if skin is very dry. Also used in hair as a nourishing treatment.


BUTTER. Nail Polish . 

I have chosen butter for its safety as it is formulated without many of the dangerous chemicals many of the well known brands use but still producing wonderful colours and quality .

"We are luxe you can trust ...only the best for the best ,expect nothing less. "


WILD AT HEART coffee scrub 

Raw sugar ,coffee and coconut oil . 


A home treatment to help you work on your upper back and neck problems. Wonderful for hunch backs . Helps counteract the problems of modern day life hunched over laptops , mobile phones etc.........