Massage in Wanaka has a brand new Far Infrared sauna. Providing the very latest in technology as it has greatly improved over the few last years. We have researched various types of saunas and have chosen one that has been clinically tested and FDA approved and is of the highest quality. 

This heat is produced by infrared rays, a form of energy that is just below visible light on the spectrum. Its what warms your skin from the sun even on a cold day. Infrared rays have been used in medicine for many years. This technology was actually developed by NASA. NASA has tested that the far infrared heat would be the ideal way to maintain cardiovascular conditioning in American astronauts during long space flights. The radiant heat penetrates to a depth of 35-40mm, soothing and relieving muscles and tissues. The benefits are many including deep cleanse and detoxification, reduction of muscular stress, tension and physical fatigue, giving comfort and relaxation of an aching body, improved body conditioning and wellbeing .It also burns calories (600 in 30 mins. ) You will also notice improved skin tone and softness . 

The sweat produced in a far infrared sauna is estimated to contain about 20% toxicity compared to 2-3% from other saunas or from exercise. Evidence of this can sometimes be seen as colour on the towel. Read the story about how the 911 rescue workers were detoxified using far infrared Sauna. A towel from one man showed blue sweat which was analyzed and found to contain manganese from the steel dust he had inhaled.

The body loves it as the toxins are released thru the sweat glands.  Therefore the liver and kidneys are not taxed. The skin is like our third kidney. It makes it very safe for detoxification.

It is also excellent used in conjunction with massage. Helping to relax and warm the muscles ,for a more effective deeper release during massage. We love it , your muscles just melt when we start to work on you. 

The Far infared sauna also helps with muscle recovery after sports especially wonderful after a days skiing or a marathon. 

Also fantastic for weight loss. You burn 600 calories in half an hour. 

Stopping smoking.  3 days in a row and almost all of the nicotin is out of your system . Making it easier to give up.

If you feel sick or a cold coming on it is also a great way to sweat it out and boost the immune system. 

With all these benefits you can see why the far infrared sauna is fast becoming one of the healthiest things you can do for your body.




Sauna Charges

1 Session

$40 x 1 person

$70 x 2 people

5 Session Card

$170  x 1 person

10 Session Card

$320   x 1 person

Combined with any other treatment

$30 x 1 person

$50 x 2 pe0ple

The health benefits are endless. Don’t wait, enjoy today…………..

Allow 1 hour for your experience. 30 - 45 mins in the sauna followed by a shower to wash off the toxins. We have everything for you. Towels, shampoo, conditioner and hairdryer. The sauna is in a private room so you are totally on your own. No need to bring anything with you!